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SPECIAL  PRICE until 12/31/2016   $199  Don’t order on-line… email me at and I’ll invoice you.  It is just that special! Usually $295. Deal with the broker/owner, not just a webmaster who will have to go hire a local TN broker!

The Fastest, Easiest Way to

Sell your Own House

Is To Be Listed In The MLS  GET MLS NOW!


You may want to sell your house, but the thought of paying all that huge commission to an agent makes you throw up a little bit. Sometimes it seems like they just put your house in the MLS and happen to be in the right place at the right time.

You and the MLS

You know that more than 90% of houses that sell, do so through the MLS. But you don’t have the desire to become a real-estate agent just to put your house in the Multiple Listing Service so it will sell.

And you want it done yesterday. Or the day before.

I Can Make That Happen For You.

Except the yesterday part- it might have to be tonight instead. I am an agent. I’m a broker. I own Martin Properties. I’m a member of state and national board of Realtors. I have been doing this here in Tennessee for over thirty years.  And we can now help you from Knoxville to Memphis.

 Don Martin (615) 973-8970


You like it because you’re going to give me a little bit of money up front and save a HUGE BUNCH OF MONEY at the end. We are going to work as a team.

You are going to show your house. I’m going to give you all the exposure of the MLS. I’ll make sure you have all the right forms, and I’ll teach you some top-secret tips.

Your house is going to sell itself.


Here’s What I Will Do For You

  • Send you the forms you need to sign now & in the future.
  • Upload your house info & pix to the MLS which migrates to RealTracs,, and others depending on your MLS.
  • Work with you to keep you current, legal & effective.

Here’s What I Will Not Do For You

  • Make up your text or captions

  • Correct your spelling, grammar, or syntax (unless it’s so egregious I can’t bear it.)

  • Set up your showings

  • Hold your OPEN HOUSES

  • Capture your info and pix off another site

  • Sneak your contact info into your listing prominently.

  • Negotiate and/or courier offers.

  • Detail your whip

What Will I Pay For This?

* $495 one time – Listing help AND Selling Help for as long as you need us.  We work as a team.

* $295 for a six month MLS-entry-only - only listing help.

 arrow_flash*$199 MLS Entry-Only End of Year SALE $199

What Do I Need To Do Now?

* You need to call me, Don Martin, in Nashville, TN at Martin Properties (615) 973-8970.   -or-

* Go to ORDER NOW!

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