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Don Martin,  LM

Martin Properties

Graduated Services Real Estate

(615) 973-8970

Nice-looking broker

My name is Don Martin, author, speaker, and Broker/Owner of Martin Properties.    Since there is a possibility  you may hire me someday,  please consider this a sort of resume, if you will.


  • Licensed, full-time real estate since 1984, more than thirty years. (GOOGLE us- we’re not obscure, new-comers to this business.)
  • Vanderbilt University and Peabody Demonstration School (University School)
  • Christ Church on Old Hickory Blvd over twenty five years.
  • Married over thirty five years.
  • I answer my own phone unless I am in church or with a customer.
  • HUD certified as Buyer’s Agent
  • PUBLICLY certified as a LISTING MANIAC – (LM) Seller’s Agent
  • You probably won’t find me at a retreat trying to get in touch with myself. I’d rather get in touch with you.
  • Fairly stable. I keep my promises. I stay in touch. I return calls.
  • My work carries a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!
  • Hardest Working Man in Real Estate, the DEAN of Graduated Services Real Estate
  • I treat your business as the blessing that it is to me.
  • I save people TONS of MONEY!

Don is available to speak about real estate to your group or workshop.
Please call us at (615) 973-8970

BOOKS available at  

“The NEW Real Estate, and 10 SECRETS that will put MONEY in YOUR POCKET!” (Even though, up until now, houses only COST you money.)       ISBN-13:  978-1494983109


About Don

He is a really nice guy.


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